It was established in 1970 in Turkey by the Kocak Family. It has grown as a result of 40 years of devoted and hard work of its family members. At the beginning of 2000, Kocaklar continued its investments in America. (USA) They started business life in the USA with the logic of build, operating, and transferring the restaurants and small businesses. Kocak family has more than 35 years of experience in the field of construction. They are especially concentrated in the Washington DC DMV area. It serves the public in the Washington region by building multi-family houses. They also do custom design houses in the DMV area

Our Key Values

Meet Our Team

Proudly to say that many of this friendly faces have been with us from the very beginning.

Matt Kocak


Matt started his business life in a restaurant business and achieved great success in this field. He was interviewed twice by the Washington Post. The work experience he gained in the small businesses, and the close relations he established with his customers led him to the construction business and he served his customers in the DC and Virginia regions. He has more than 20 years of vast experience in the field of construction. He started his business life as a Contractor and continues as a Developer in Washington Dc DMV area Matt has a degree in Computer engineering. The training provided by Computer Engineering has brought a different perspective to Core Investment.

Oil Academy Computer science
NOVA community college

Fatih Kocak


Fatih Kocak started his business life in Turkey. He has served customers in the field of residential construction and small business in Turkey. Later, with the experience he gained in the residential area, he served his customers by building modern farms in many regions of Turkey and overseas projects modern agricultural farm construction. Fatih serves our customers by using its vast experience in Turkey under Core Investment.
Current he is full time working with Core investment management

Gulsum Kocak

Legal Relations

Gulsum Law degrees and works in a legal advisor and management at the Core Investments. She has various certificates in the field of accounting and business administration. She also received MBA degree in order to better serve at Core Investment.

Near East University Law Degree
BAU University MBA degree


Accountant Executive

Louise has over 35 years of experience in accounting. She has worked as an accountant and legal advisor in various companies.
She works in the accounting department of core investment and also advises on legal matters.